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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps in setting up the statement rendering process?

Situations vary but generally we follow this 4-step process:

  • Send us a representative sample of your current statements (blank and printed forms).
  • Send or email any desired changes to your current statement layout.
  • Send us actual statement data using one of our secure transmission methods.
  • We create the desired appearance of your statement according to the specifications you provide and generate a proof for your approval. Upon approval from you, we are ready to go live.

Can we review our statements online before printing?

Yes, every statement-rendering customer has the online option of reviewing, editing and approving statements prior to printing. This review and approval can be done online at any time, day or night.

Can we edit statement content or suppress the printing of certain statements?

Yes, every statement-rendering customer has the option of editing statement content prior to approval and print. This edit process can be done online any time, day or night.

Can we suppress the printing of certain statements after we have submitted them for processing?

Yes, you may go online, search and select the statement in question, and mark it to be a non-mailed or omitted document.

Is special software needed in order to review, edit or suppress statements online?

No, only standard Internet browser technology is required. If you wish to save a copy of a statement to your desktop, you will need a browser capable of reading and printing a PDF.

Can you email statements instead of printing a hard copy?

Yes, we provide full Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment (EBPP) services for your customers that prefer it.

How is Mail Services structured and controlled?

Mail Services, operating out of Des Moines, Iowa, is one of four privately held companies under the parent company, Mail Communications Group. Sister companies are located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Bismarck, North Dakota; and Springfield, Missouri.

Each operational location has a General Manager, and all locations fall under the management direction of the COO, who reports directly to the President and CEO of the company.

Can you meet my volume requirements?

Yes, Mail Services currently has the capability to process any size order no matter how big or how small. We provide presort services to support the volume through efficient operations and streamlined workflow.

We have capacity for growth and can process in excess of 2MM pieces of mail per day.

Is Mail Services prepared for the USPS Intelligent Mail® barcode initiative?

Mail Services is currently applying the Intelligent Mail® barcode to all First Class and Standard mail pieces.

What steps do you take to ensure that mail is secured during transportation to and from your facility?

Mail Services has a number of passive and active quality procedures to support and secure your mail during the entire process, from pickup at your location to induction with USPS. Our uniformed drivers, operating company-owned vehicles, load client mail pieces and transport them for processing. The mail is then unloaded in a secure cargo bay to ensure its security. Security cameras are located internally and externally to monitor activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Finally mail is transferred to receiving where quality control evaluation is conducted.

Delivery Vans and Trucks:

  • All vehicles are company-owned and clearly identified with our name and phone number for proper identification.
  • Vehicles have caged access to the back of the delivery vehicle.

Pre-Employment Screening:

  • All employees, including drivers, must pass the pre-employment screening process.

Uniformed Drivers:

  • All drivers are uniformed for clear identification.

Control Piece Count Sheets:

  • Verification and audit control

Inside/Facility Mail Delivery to Mail

  • Client mail is unloaded from the delivery vans into an inside staging facility at Mail Services for quality and to eliminate any weather-related issues. Controlled key fob access is utilized by our drivers to allow only delivery van access to the controlled area.

What do you use to document driver activity and mail pickup?

Mail Services driver routes are meticulously planned to meet client expectations for multiple daily mail pick-ups and to maximize efficiency.

All drivers have documented route sheets, contact numbers and are equipped with company supplied cellular phones for on-demand client and plant contact.

Mail Services provides “piece count slips”, which are used by our clients to record the daily total mail count for both letters and flats. This piece count slip is used to verify end-of-day piece counts as part of our quality control process.

What are your daily cut-off times for processing presorted First Class mail?

Customer perspective:

  • We define and set daily route pickup times with each of our customers to manage the workflow and ensure all mail is processed daily. We are flexible with customers and typically schedule multiple pickups to manage their volume and workload.

USPS perspective:

  • Our USPS daily cut-off times for processing are based upon USPS processing criteria. Mail Services has multiple cut-off times with USPS depending on whether it is local or national base mail.

Will all mail received from client be presented to USPS the same day as it was postmarked?

All mail received by all clients is inducted and presented to USPS the same day it is postmarked.

Isolated exceptions can occur as it relates to client quality failures.